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    Tested and fixed where necessary Hex/Tet projection and differentiation in · 1d69e1ff
    Chris Cantwell authored
      StdRegions, and LocalRegions for regular and deformed (where applicable).
    Added SpatialData and SpatialParameters classes for managing spatiall-varying
    Added TimingGeneralMatrixOp3D for timing operations on 3D geometries along
      with some associated input meshes.
    Added 3D std and loc projection demos for tet and hex.
    Added 3D std and loc regression tests for tet and hex.
    Fixed bugs in regression tests in relation to reading OK files.
    Extended Elemental and Global optimisation parameters for 3D expansions.
    Added GNUPlot output format option.
    Updated ADR2DManifoldSolver to use spatially varying data.
    Added Barkley model to ADR2DManifoldSolver.
    Added 3D support to FldToVtk and XmlToVtk.
    Renamed History.{h,cpp} to HistoryPoints.{h,cpp}
    git-svn-id: https://gforge.sci.utah.edu/svn/nektar/trunk@2217 305cdda6-5ce1-45b3-a98d-dfc68c8b3305
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