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      Update gsmpi to fix buildbots · 9c57fdda
      Dave Moxey authored
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      Merge branch 'master' into fix/gs-verbose · bc3cb344
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      Merge branch 'feature/FilterFieldConvert' into 'master' · ff501d05
      Dave Moxey authored
      This MR will introduce a new filter, which will be able to run modules from FieldConvert on a checkpoint. This filter replaces FilterSampler, and therefore the new functionalities will extend to other filters derived from it (AverageFields, ReynoldsStresses). An example of the setup for that would be:
      ``` xml
      <FILTER TYPE="FieldConvert">
          <PARAM NAME="OutputFile"> filename.vtu </PARAM>
          <PARAM NAME="OutputFrequency"> 100 </PARAM>
          <PARAM NAME="Modules"> vorticity homplane:planeid=4 </PARAM>
      It is unlikely that all options and modules will be supported. However, the main idea is to use this with modules that result in outputs with reduced size (e.g. isocontour, meanmode for 3DH1D). This way we can obtain these outputs more frequently than would be practical by storing the full checkpoint and running FieldConvert later.
      I don't know how far I am from finishing this (some cases already work, but I still need to test it further). Anyway, it would be nice to have some feedback on it, especially regarding the compilation and general structure of the code, since I had to create a new FieldConvert library and move some files around.
      See merge request !589
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      Merge branch 'feature/stats-sc-level' into 'master' · 790e7416
      Douglas Serson authored
      Add statistics for multi-level static condensation
      This MR adds additional statistics when `--verbose` is enabled if multi-level static condensation is used. It outputs:
      * the local/global dof statistics at the lowest level across all processes
      * distribution of the lowest levels across each of the processors
      Example output:
      Assembly map statistics for field p:
        - Number of local/global dof             : 216888 151247
        - Number of local/global boundary dof    : 120528 54887
        - Number of local/global Dirichlet dof   : 133 114
        - dof valency (min/max/mean)             : 1 10 2
        - Local dof dist. (min/max/mean/dev)     : 22932 39319 30984 6106.94
        - Local bnd dof dist. (min/max/mean/dev) : 14742 19614 17218.3 1797.01
        - M-level sc. dist. (min/max/mean/dev)   : 13 15 13.8571 0.638877
      Stats at lowest static cond. level:
        - Number of local/global dof             : 0 2746
        - Number of local/global boundary dof    : 4600 1875
        - Number of local/global Dirichlet dof   : 133 114
        - dof valency (min/max/mean)             : 1 9 2
        - Local bnd dof dist. (min/max/mean/dev) : 510 1096 657.143 188.189
      See merge request !656
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      Fix level · a797c969
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      Update CHANGELOG · c8cbdf42
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      Merge branch 'fix/FCVerbose' into 'master' · 7798193c
      Chris Cantwell authored
      Fix FC verbose option when using --procid
      This MR just replaces a bunch of `GetRank() == 0` by `TreatAsRankZero()` to fix the verbose option of FieldConvert when using `--procid`.
      See merge request !648
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      Removed trailing diff marker. · 2acb8528
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      Merge branch 'master' into fix/FCVerbose · 8a729181
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      Updated CHANGELOG · c11845b3
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      Merge branch 'feature/Interpolator' into 'master' · ffa1489f
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      This MR introduces an Interpolator class which adds several features/improvements over how interpolation was handled by the PtsField class:
      * The brute force search algorithm was swapped for boosts rtree algorithm. This change decreases the interpolation time from hours to seconds
      * Besides the modified shepard and linear/quadratic interpolation, two new algorithms, nearest neighbor and Gaussian smoothing were added
      * The new class can interpolate between ptFields, ptsFields and expansions and expansions. The latter is only useful when dealing with different meshes.
      * Several bugfixes
      FieldConvert and EquationSystem were ported to this new class to benefit from the speedup.
      This MR also includes the changes what were originally in !582
      The required boost version was increased to 1.56 as this is the first version that includes geometry::rtree which works on windows
      See merge request !584