Commit 186a1f8f authored by Michael Turner's avatar Michael Turner

another compile bug

parent c0a96670
......@@ -45,17 +45,17 @@ namespace Utilities
* @brief This processing module extrudes a 2d mesh in the z direction
class ProcessExtrude : public ProcessModule
class ProcessExtrude : public NekMeshUtils::ProcessModule
/// Creates an instance of this class
static boost::shared_ptr<Module> create(MeshSharedPtr m)
static boost::shared_ptr<Module> create(NekMeshUtils::MeshSharedPtr m)
return MemoryManager<ProcessExtrude>::AllocateSharedPtr(m);
static ModuleKey className;
static NekMeshUtils::ModuleKey className;
ProcessExtrude(MeshSharedPtr m);
ProcessExtrude(NekMeshUtils::MeshSharedPtr m);
virtual ~ProcessExtrude();
virtual void Process();
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