Commit 42eac4cf authored by Dave Moxey's avatar Dave Moxey

Merge branch 'fix/ExpList2DH1D' into 'master'

Fix bug in ExpList2DH1D

This fixes a bug in ExpList2DH1D, caused by m_coeffs and m_phys not being initialised properly. This can lead to unpredictable behaviour, for example when extracting data from a field file with fewer planes.

See merge request !528
parents f88f7967 d4038f5a
......@@ -168,8 +168,8 @@ namespace Nektar
m_ncoeffs = ncoeffs_per_plane*nzplanes;
m_npoints = npoints_per_plane*nzplanes;
m_coeffs = Array<OneD, NekDouble> (m_ncoeffs);
m_phys = Array<OneD, NekDouble> (m_npoints);
m_coeffs = Array<OneD, NekDouble> (m_ncoeffs, 0.0);
m_phys = Array<OneD, NekDouble> (m_npoints, 0.0);
int nel = m_planes[0]->GetExpSize();
m_coeff_offset = Array<OneD,int>(nel*nzplanes);
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