Commit 567a70eb authored by Douglas Serson's avatar Douglas Serson

Modify EquispacedOutput to work with 3DH1D expansions

parent 56652230
......@@ -65,6 +65,8 @@ class ProcessEquiSpacedOutput : public ProcessModule
void SetupEquiSpacedField(void);
void SetHomogeneousConnectivity(void);
void GenOrthoModes(int n,
const Array<OneD,const NekDouble> &phys,
Array<OneD, NekDouble> &coeffs);
......@@ -295,10 +295,10 @@ vector<IsoSharedPtr> ProcessIsoContour::ExtractContour(
vector<IsoSharedPtr> returnval;
int coordim = m_f->m_exp[0]->GetCoordim(0);
int coordim = m_f->m_fieldPts->GetDim();
int nfields = m_f->m_fieldPts->GetNFields() + coordim;
ASSERTL0(coordim == 3,
ASSERTL0(m_f->m_fieldPts->GetPtsType() == LibUtilities::ePtsTetBlock,
"This methods is currently only set up for 3D fields");
ASSERTL1(coordim + fieldid < nfields,
"field id is larger than number contained in FieldPts");
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