Commit f5bf354e authored by Dave Moxey's avatar Dave Moxey

Merge branch 'fix/ExpList1D-vtk' into 'master'

Fix bug in ExpList1D

This fixes a bug in ExpList1D which may lead to invalid .vtu files.

See merge request !531
parents 1c576935 1c102ac7
......@@ -1184,9 +1184,9 @@ namespace Nektar
int ntotminus = (nquad0-1);
Array<OneD,NekDouble> coords[3];
coords[0] = Array<OneD,NekDouble>(ntot);
coords[1] = Array<OneD,NekDouble>(ntot);
coords[2] = Array<OneD,NekDouble>(ntot);
coords[0] = Array<OneD,NekDouble>(ntot, 0.0);
coords[1] = Array<OneD,NekDouble>(ntot, 0.0);
coords[2] = Array<OneD,NekDouble>(ntot, 0.0);
outfile << " <Piece NumberOfPoints=\""
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