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added documentation for the chk file backup

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......@@ -190,7 +190,10 @@ state of the solution fields at at given timestep. This can subsequently be used
for restarting the simulation or examining time-dependent behaviour. This
produces a sequence of files, by default named \inltt{session\_*.chk}, where
\inltt{*} is replaced by a counter. The initial condition is written to
\inltt{session\_0.chk}. Existing files are not overwritten, but renamed to e.g.
\inltt{session\_0.bak0.chk}. In case this file already exists, too, the \inltt{chk}-file
is renamed to \inltt{session\_0.bak*.chk} and so on.
This functionality is equivalent to setting the \inltt{IO\_CheckSteps}
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