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\section{NekPy wrapping guide}
This section attempts to outline some of the basic principles of the NekPy
wrapper, which relies entirely on the excellent \texttt{Boost.Python} library. An
extensive documentation is therefore beyond the scope of this document, but we
highlight aspects that are important for the NekPy wrappers.
In general, note that when things go wrong with \texttt{Boost.Python}, it'll be
indicated either by an extensive compiler error, or a runtime error in the
Python interpreter when you try to use your wrapper. Judicious use of Google is
therefore recommended to track down these issues!
You may also find the following resources useful:
\item The \texttt{Boost.Python} tutorial \cite{BoostPythonTutorial},
\item The \texttt{Boost.Python} entry on the Python wiki \cite{BoostPythonWikiEntry},
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......@@ -433,3 +433,19 @@ year = "2012"
publisher={Addison-Wesley Professional}
%% NekPy references
author = "de Guzman J., Abrahams D.",
title = "Boost.Python Tutorial - 1.67.0",
year = "2018",
url = "",
note = "[Accessed 1st May 2018]"
title = "boost.python/HowTo - Python Wiki",
year = "2015",
url = "",
note = "[Accessed 1st May 2018]"
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