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    Enable timedependent file function type. · d433ed35
    Kilian Lackhove authored
    This adds a TIMEDEPENDENT argument to Function type File and enables the use of
    a time depenmdent file name for boundary conditions, auxiliary fields etc.
    The implementation relies on boost::format, where the given filename is
    used as format string and the step time as argument. The full boost::format
    syntax is supported. An error is thown when the corresponding file is not
    found, so in order to only supply a new file every Nth timespep, one might
    use appropriately named symlinks.
    The function
    <FUNCTION NAME="Baseflow">
        <F VAR="U0" TIMEDEPENDENT="1" FILE="U0_%14.8R.fld"/>
    will look for files named U0_basegrid_1.00000000E-05.fld,
    U0_basegrid_2.00000000E-05.fld and so on.
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