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......@@ -48,6 +48,31 @@ project. It's a pretty simple process:
below) -- otherwise, try to keep formatting consistent with the file you're
working on.
## Git cheatsheet
Although Gitlab gives a nice interface to view the diff between a branch and
master, for large merges, it can be slow. The following `git` aliases can
provide a quicker alternative. You can use these by inserting them into the
`.gitconfig` file in your home directory, or inside the `nektar++/.git/config`
branch-name = "!git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD"
diff-nows = diff --color -w
log-branch = log --pretty="%Cgreen%h %Cred%an%Creset(%Cblue%ad%Creset)%n %s" master..$(git branch-name)
diff-branch = diff -U5 --minimal --color -w master...`git branch-name`
This gives you four commands:
- `git branch-name` displays the current branch name
- `git diff-nows` shows a diff of your current commit in colour, without
whitespace changes.
- `git log-branch` shows a minimised log of all the commits on the current
branch that are not in `master`.
- `git diff-branch` shows a diff of the current branch against `master` without
whitespace changes.
## Testing and Buildbot
Your new features or fixes should include tests that cover the code you've
added. There are numerous examples within the various `Tests` directory lying
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