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add std after namespace clearup

parent 7036708b
......@@ -64,46 +64,46 @@ public:
void ReadZone(int &nComposite);
void GenElement3D(vector<NodeSharedPtr> &Nodes,
void GenElement3D(std::vector<NodeSharedPtr> &Nodes,
int i,
vector<int> &ElementFaces,
map<int, vector<int> > &FaceNodes,
std::vector<int> &ElementFaces,
std::map<int, std::vector<int> > &FaceNodes,
int ncomposite,
bool DoOrient);
void GenElement2D(vector<NodeSharedPtr> &Nodes,
void GenElement2D(std::vector<NodeSharedPtr> &Nodes,
int i,
vector<int> &FaceNodes,
std::vector<int> &FaceNodes,
int ncomposite);
Array<OneD, int> SortEdgeNodes(vector<NodeSharedPtr> &Nodes,
vector<int> &FaceNodes);
Array<OneD, int> SortEdgeNodes(std::vector<NodeSharedPtr> &Nodes,
std::vector<int> &FaceNodes);
Array<OneD, int> SortFaceNodes(vector<NodeSharedPtr> &Nodes,
vector<int> &ElementFaces,
map<int, vector<int> > &FaceNodes);
Array<OneD, int> SortFaceNodes(std::vector<NodeSharedPtr> &Nodes,
std::vector<int> &ElementFaces,
std::map<int, std::vector<int> > &FaceNodes);
void ResetNodes(vector<NodeSharedPtr> &Nodes,
Array<OneD, vector<int> > &ElementFaces,
map<int, vector<int> > &FaceNodes);
void ResetNodes(std::vector<NodeSharedPtr> &Nodes,
Array<OneD, std::vector<int> > &ElementFaces,
std::map<int, std::vector<int> > &FaceNodes);
CCMIOError m_ccmErr; // Star CCM error flag
CCMIOID m_ccmTopology; // Star CCM mesh topology
CCMIOID m_ccmProcessor;
map<int, string> m_faceLabels; // label from CCM into composite
std::map<int, std::string> m_faceLabels; // label from CCM into composite
void InitCCM(void);
void ReadNodes(std::vector<NodeSharedPtr> &Nodes);
void ReadInternalFaces(map<int, vector<int> > &FacesNodes,
Array<OneD, vector<int> > &ElementFaces);
void ReadInternalFaces(std::map<int, std::vector<int> > &FacesNodes,
Array<OneD, std::vector<int> > &ElementFaces);
void ReadBoundaryFaces(vector<vector<int> > &BndElementFaces,
map<int, vector<int> > &FacesNodes,
Array<OneD, vector<int> > &ElementFaces,
vector<string> &facelabels);
void ReadBoundaryFaces(std::vector<std::vector<int> > &BndElementFaces,
std::map<int, std::vector<int> > &FacesNodes,
Array<OneD, std::vector<int> > &ElementFaces,
std::vector<std::string> &facelabels);
void SetupElements(void);
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