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Added some missing documentation for ThresholdMin filter and command-line.

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......@@ -38,3 +38,24 @@ When using a fully-Fourier expansion, specifies the number of processes to use i
\lstinline[style=BashInputStyle]{--npz [int]}\\
When using Fourier expansions, specifies the number of processes to use in the z-coordinate direction.
Prints detailed information about the generated partitioning, such as number of
elements, number of local degrees of freedom and the number of boundary degrees
of freedom.
\lstinline[style=BashInputStyle]{--part-only [int]}\\
Partition the mesh only into the specified number of partitions, write to file
and exit. This can be used to pre-partition a very large mesh on a single
high-memory node, prior to being executed on a multi-node cluster.
Forces the use of METIS for mesh partitioning. If \nekpp{} is compiled with
Scotch support, the default is to use Scotch.
Forces the use of Scotch for mesh partitioning.
......@@ -155,7 +155,7 @@ every 10 timesteps, we use the syntax:
\subsection {Threshold value}
\subsection {ThresholdMax}
The threshold value filter writes a field output containing a variable $m$,
defined by the time at which the selected variable first exceeds a specified
......@@ -171,14 +171,16 @@ The following parameters are supported:
\textbf{Option name} & \textbf{Required} & \textbf{Default} &
\textbf{Description} \\
\inltt{OutputFile} & & \emph{session}\_max.fld &
\inltt{OutputFile} & \xmark & \emph{session}\_max.fld &
Output filename to which the threshold times are written.\\
\inltt{ThresholdVar} & & \emph{first variable name} &
\inltt{ThresholdVar} & \xmark & \emph{first variable name} &
Specifies the variable on which the threshold will be applied.\\
\inltt{ThresholdValue} & \cmark & - &
Specifies the threshold value.\\
\inltt{InitialValue} & \cmark & - &
Specifies the initial time.\\
\inltt{StartTime} & \xmark & 0.0 &
Specifies the time at which to start recording.\\
......@@ -194,7 +196,12 @@ An example is given below:
which produces a field file \inltt{threshold\_max.fld}.
which produces a field file \inlsh{threshold\_max.fld}.
\subsection{ThresholdMin value}
Performs the same function as the \inltt{ThresholdMax} filter but records the
time at which the threshold variable drops below a prescribed value.
\subsection{Modal energy}
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