Commit 1aff7a8a authored by Douglas Serson's avatar Douglas Serson

Add information about EquationOfState option to the user-guide

parent dd125064
......@@ -243,6 +243,7 @@ Under this section it is possible to set the solver information.
<I PROPERTY="UpwindType" VALUE="ExactToro" />
<I PROPERTY="ProblemType" VALUE="General" />
<I PROPERTY="ViscosityType" VALUE="Constant" />
<I PROPERTY="EquationOfState" VALUE="IdealGas" />
......@@ -303,6 +304,15 @@ we want to use for the advection operator:
\item \inltt{Constant} (Constant viscosity);
\item \inltt{Variable} (Variable viscosity through the Sutherland's law.);
\item \inltt{EquationOfState} allows selecting an equation of state for
accounting for non-ideal gas behaviour:
\item \inltt{IdealGas} (default option);
\item \inltt{VanDerWaals} (requires additional parameters \inltt{Tcrit} and \inltt{Pcrit});
\item \inltt{RedlichKwong} (requires additional parameters \inltt{Tcrit} and \inltt{Pcrit});
\item \inltt{PengRobinson} (requires additional parameters \inltt{Tcrit}, \inltt{Pcrit} and
\subsection*{Boundary conditions}
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