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......@@ -671,6 +671,21 @@ but the basic usage is:
where type can be \texttt{hyperelastic}, \texttt{linearelastic},
\texttt{winslow} or \texttt{roca}.
\subsection{Mesh projection}
This module can take any linear mesh, providing that it is a close
representation of the CAD and project the boundary of the mesh onto the CAD.
This will curve the surface of the mesh. The method has a number of failsafes
ensuring that even bad CAD or poor linear meshes should be able to be curved to
some degree. If the method encounters an issue, such as the linear mesh being a
large distance from the CAD, it will simply leave that element straight sided. A
well made CAD model and accurate linear mesh should be curved with little issue.
The module needs to be informed of the CAD file to project the mesh to and the
order at which to curve the surface:
NekMesh -m projectcad:file=cadfile.step:order=x inital.xml optimised.xml
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