Commit 465b6b07 authored by Chris Cantwell's avatar Chris Cantwell
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Moved clang-format requirement back to 3.7.

parent 54e3e537
BasedOnStyle: LLVM
AlignAfterOpenBracket: true
AlignConsecutiveAssignments: true
IndentWidth: 4
AlwaysBreakAfterDefinitionReturnType: None
PenaltyReturnTypeOnItsOwnLine: 9999999
......@@ -199,7 +199,7 @@ for new files, or cosmetic `tidy/*` branches, but try to stick to existing
formatting elsewhere.
Installing it is straightforward on most package managers. Nektar++ relies on
options that are used in version 3.6 or later.
options that are used in version 3.7 or later.
There are a number of instructions on how to use `clang-format` inside a number
of text editors on the
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