Commit 486f99c4 authored by Dave Moxey's avatar Dave Moxey
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Merge branch 'fix/correcttolerance' of localhost:nektar

parents 02298c68 a73aedee
...@@ -8,10 +8,10 @@ ...@@ -8,10 +8,10 @@
</files> </files>
<metrics> <metrics>
<metric type="L2" id="1"> <metric type="L2" id="1">
<value variable="u" tolerance="1e-12">1.39014e-10</value> <value variable="u" tolerance="1e-9">1.39014e-10</value>
</metric> </metric>
<metric type="Linf" id="2"> <metric type="Linf" id="2">
<value variable="u" tolerance="1e-12">1.32385e-10</value> <value variable="u" tolerance="1e-9">1.32385e-10</value>
</metric> </metric>
</metrics> </metrics>
</test> </test>
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