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AllowShortIfStatementsOnASingleLine: false
AllowShortLoopsOnASingleLine: false
IndentCaseLabels: true
Standard: Cpp03
Standard: Cpp11
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BinPackParameters: true
- Added in sum factorisation version for pyramid expansions and orthogonal
expansion in pyramids (!750)
- Significant overhaul of CMake infrastructure (!770, !804)
- Fix ThridpartyCCM options (!802)
- Fix Windows CRLF tokens in GEO reader and improve comment handling (!805)
- Use chrono in Timer (!807)
- Fix caching of FUNCTION tags that read from file and provide the same
functionality in FUNCTIONs defined for forcings (!759)
- Add patch to tinyxml to fix size_t vs int bug (!820)
- Add ARPACK thirdparty build capabilities (!828)
- Added native support for csv files in addititon to pts (!760 !835)
- Utilize LAPACK_DIR env variable to find the native blas/lapack install (!827)
- Remove StdExpansion use from MultiRegion (use Expansions instead). (!831)
- Move steady state check and CFL output from solvers to SolverUtils (!832)
- Remove DG advection implementation from EquationSystem (!832)
- Simplify RawType typedefs (!840)
- Remove unused files from BasicUtils (!841)
- Remove checks for old boost versions which are no longer supported (!841)
- Refactor ParseUtils to be more consistent (!843, !896)
- Added support for using the distance to a specific region (e.g. outlet) in the
function definitions for the Absorption Forcing (!769)
- Improve performance of DisContField2D::v_ExtractTracePhys (!824)
- Fix small bug in Jacobian Energy (!857)
- fix variable name overriding in file functions (!870)
- Adds CFI CAD engine back-end (!864)
- Adds CFI Mesh IO support (!864)
- Cleanup of CAD system data structures (!864)
- Fix mac OSX on buildbots (!876)
- Fix error from (!826) (!876)
- Fix minor bug in ARPACK thirdparty build cmake (!874)
- Switch MeshGraph to use factory pattern and add HDF5 geometry support (!900,
- Add feature to read basic 2D geo files as CAD (!731)
- Add periodic boundary condition meshing in 2D (!733)
- Adjust boundary layer thickness in corners in 2D (!739)
- Add non-O BL meshing in 2D (!757)
- Add ability to compile CCIO library but tar file is not yet openly
available whist we seek permission from Simens (!799)
- Fix issue with reading CCM files due to definition of default arrays
rather than a vector (!797)
- Fix inverted triangles and small memory issue in surface meshing (!798)
- Update for the CAD system, more advance self-healing and analysis (!822)
- Additional curve types in GEO reader: BSpline, Circle, Ellipse (!800)
- Fix default command line argument value (!823)
- Add projection meshing module which can curve linear meshes with CAD (!826)
- XML meshes now write with provenance information, including information about
their source, for debugging purposes (!872)
- Force 3-node loops to avoid degenerate 1-triangle faces (!875)
- Smooth BL normals in 2D when normals intersect or cause invalid macro BL
elements (!877)
- Revert triangle code to ThirdParty library (!883)
- Fix coinciding nodes issue with very fine meshes (!883)
- Skip CFI groups of bodies and non-numbered nodes (!891)
- Add ability to space out 2D BL nodes to better fit local target Delta (!890)
- Fix automatic peralign call in 2D periodic meshing (!888)
- Added in sum factorisation version for pyramid expansions and orthogonal
expansion in pyramids (!750)
- Add input module for Semtex field files (!777)
- Fixed interppoints module (!760)
- Fix OutputTecplot in 2DH1D (!818)
- Move StreamFunction utility to a FieldConvert module (!809)
- Extend wss module to compressible flows (!810)
- Allow explicitly setting bool options of FieldConvert modules as false (!811)
- Enable output to multiple files (!844)
- Allow using xml file without expansion tag in FieldConvert (!849)
- Add Lambda 2 vortex detection criteria (!882)
- Add module for modifying/adding fields from expressions (!889, !903)
- Add module for evaluating the mean of variables on the domain (!894)
- Replace steady-state check based on difference of norms by check based on
norm of the difference, to be consistent with the compressible solver (!832)
- Updated SVV to allow for the DGKernel extension (!851)
- Add 3D regression tests (!567)
- Introduce forcing for quasi-1D Euler simulations (!771)
- Allow performing axi-symmetric Euler simulations (!771)
- Add ability to use an exponential filtering for stabilization with
seg, quad and hex elements (!771, !862)
- Added two new boundary conditions to the APE system: RiemannInvariantBC
and WhiteNoise (!782)
- Added the developer-guide repository as a submodule (!751)
- Fix evaluation of points (e.g. HistoryPoints, Interpolation to pts) close to
the interface of two elements (!836)
- Fix deadlock in Hdf5 with homogeneous expansions (!858)
- Fix a few memory leaks in polylib (!863)
- Fix a crash when Interpolator is called on an empty field (!869)
- Fix petsc compile without MPI (!873)
- Fix calculation of BLPoints (!892)
- Fix deadlock in DiffusionLDG (!885)
- Fix uninitialised coefficients in DirectFull solver (!898)
- Fix missing periodic boundary meshing and boundary layer mesh adjustment
configurations in 2D (!859)
- Fix 2D BL splitting where out-of-plane nodes would be created (!887)
- Fix sign of the viscous term in the velocity correction scheme equations in
the user guide (!856)
- Allow passing input name with trailing separator (!879)
- Remove m_offset_elmt_id and GetOffsetElmtId which fixed problems in 2D when
- Remove m_offset_elmt_id and GetOffsetElmtId which fixed problems in 2D when
quad elements are listed before tri elements (!758)
- Remove the duplicate output of errorutil (!756)
- Fix BLAS CMake dependencies (!763)
- Fix interpolation issue with Lagrange basis functions (!768)
- Fix issue with average fields not working with different polynomial order
fields (!776)
- Fix rounding of integer parameters (!774)
- Fix Hdf5 output in FilterFieldConvert (!781)
- Fixed extreme memory consumption of Interpolator when interpolating from pts
to fld or between different meshes (!783)
- Fix deadlock with HDF5 input (!786)
- Fix missing entriess in LibUtilities::kPointsTypeStr (!792)
- Fix compiler warnings with CommDataType (!793)
- Fix ability to set default implementation in Collections and added an option
to set eNoCollections in FieldConvert as default (!789)
- Fix performance issue in ProcessIsoContour in relation to memory consumption
- Fix performance issue with ExtractPhysToBndElmt (!796)
- Fix available classes being listed multiple times (!817)
- Fix Intel compiler warnings (!837)
- Fix overwriting and backup of chk/fld files on slow file systes (!741)
- Fix DriverAdaptive with second order IMEX (!850)
- Fixed typo in eIMEXGear part (!854)
- Added regression tests for IMEXOrder1, IMEXOrder2, IMEXOrder3, MCNAB,
IMEXGear, CNAB, 2nd order IMEX-DIRK, 3rd order IMEX-DIRK (!854)
- Fix bug due to subtractive cancellation in polylib routines (!778)
- Fix issue with field ordering in the interppointdatatofld module (!754)
- Fix issue with FieldConvert when range flag used (!761)
- Fix issue when using output-points combined with noequispaced (!775)
- Fix equispacedoutput for 3DH1D with triangles (!787)
- Fix memory consumption issue with Gmsh output (!747, !762)
......@@ -35,9 +163,26 @@ v4.4.1
when some part of the system fails (!756)
- Add manifold meshing option (!756)
- Fix issue with older rea input files (!765)
- Fix memory leak in variational optimiser, add small optimisations (!785)
- Check the dimensionality of the CAD system before running the 2D generator (!780)
- Fix uninitialised memory bug in Nek5000 input module (!801)
- Fix an initialisation issue when using an additional advective field (!779)
- Fix MovingBody boundary condition (!852)
- Fix vtkToFld missing dependency which prevented compiling with VTK 7.1 (!808)
- Added missing details on artificial viscosity and dealising to compressible
flow solver user guide (!846)
- Added missing package for FieldUtils library (!755)