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- Restructure library to use local coefficient storage down to the GlobalLinSys
level. Removed GlobalCoeffs functionality (!963, !1145)
- Corrected the use of communicator in AssemblyMapDG and AssemblyCommDG which
was not using GetRowComm() (!1144)
- Add interior penalty method to DG framework (!1101)
- Add an error filter for the time-evolution of the L2 and Linf errors (!1147)
- Add cachedId in GetExpIndex and use in Fieldconvert (!1167)
- Fix bug in PreconditionerLowEnergy (!1161)
- Fix intel c compiler error in AeroFilters (!1198)
- Fix bug in StdHexExp FillMode (!1192)
- Fix compilation errors when CWIPI interface enabled (!1207)
- Fix distance in ContainsPoint and GetLocCoords (!1200)
- Fix compiler warning of maybe-uninitialized elType in InputStar (!1217)
- Add vectorisation of most element on basix operations (!1158)
- Limit MPI methods based on core count (!1208)
- Split out IProduct.cpp and IProductWRTDerivBase.cpp in order to avoid long time compilations (!1228)
- Refactored time integration code using factory pattern (!1034)
- Fix to preprocessor logic for boost with Visual Studio >= 2015 (!1115)
- Fix type consistency and real comparison in SharedArray.hpp, replaced
num_elements with size() (!1127, !1137, !1141)
- Use base MPI functions instead of the GS library in the trace exchange
for parallel DG simulations (!1112)
- Add phifile module to compute shape functions for the SPM solver (!1065)
- Fix mean and innerProduct modules in 3DH1D cases (!1157)
- Fix wss module with nparts option and reading of parallel xml files when the root partition is missing(!1197)
- Fix a segment error in the gradient module when the number of fields is smaller than space dimension(!1216)
- Fix to interppointsdatatofld to allow for mpi processing of large files (!1191)
- Fix the logic of C0Projection:helmsmoothing (!1220)
- Added additional parameter sets to Fenton-Karma model (!1119)
- Add Smoothed Profile Method (SPM) for the formulation of immersed boundaries
- Add new filter AeroForcesSPM to compute aerodynamic forces in immersed
boundaries (!1065)
- Added viscoelasticity (!1138)
- Added empirical and power laws (!1138)
- Code tidying (!1138)
- Updated Windows source build instructions in user guide (!1152)
- Improved boundary layer splitting and output to CADfix (!938)
- Improve .geo reader and support 3D geometries with voids (!1031)
- Added r-adaptation code (!1109)
- Added Python bindings, change NekMeshUtils to NekMesh (!1149)
- Toggle build type (!1135)
- Updated minimum required CMake version to 3.5.1 (!1152)
- Updated third party Boost version 1.71 (!1152)
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