Commit 5517c0f2 authored by Chris Cantwell's avatar Chris Cantwell Committed by Spencer Sherwin
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Fix ModeType summary output.

parent 234a1097
......@@ -2241,8 +2241,20 @@ namespace Nektar
AddSummaryItem(s, "Num. Hom. Modes (z)", m_npointsZ);
AddSummaryItem(s, "Hom. length (LZ)", "m_LhomZ");
AddSummaryItem(s, "FFT Type", m_useFFT ? "FFTW" : "MVM");
AddSummaryItem(s, "Selected Mode", m_multipleModes
? boost::lexical_cast<string>(m_NumMode) : "ALL");
if (m_halfMode)
AddSummaryItem(s, "ModeType", "Half Mode");
else if (m_singleMode)
AddSummaryItem(s, "ModeType", "Single Mode");
else if (m_multipleModes)
AddSummaryItem(s, "ModeType", "Multiple Modes");
AddSummaryItem(s, "Selected Mode",
else if(m_HomogeneousType == eHomogeneous2D)
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