Commit 6be16db6 authored by Kilian Lackhove's avatar Kilian Lackhove
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clang-format v_LinearAdvectionDiffusionReactionSolve definition

parent 7344d70e
......@@ -189,13 +189,13 @@ namespace Nektar
// Solve the linear advection problem assuming that m_coeffs
// vector contains an intial estimate for solution
MULTI_REGIONS_EXPORT virtual void v_LinearAdvectionDiffusionReactionSolve ( const Array<OneD, Array<OneD, NekDouble> > &velocity,
MULTI_REGIONS_EXPORT virtual void v_LinearAdvectionDiffusionReactionSolve(
const Array<OneD, Array<OneD, NekDouble> > &velocity,
const Array<OneD, const NekDouble> &inarray,
Array<OneD, NekDouble> &outarray,
const NekDouble lambda,
CoeffState coeffstate = eLocal,
const Array<OneD, const NekDouble>&
dirForcing = NullNekDouble1DArray );
const Array<OneD, const NekDouble> &dirForcing = NullNekDouble1DArray);
virtual void v_ClearGlobalLinSysManager(void);
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