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Removed reference to isocontourutil FieldConvert module.

parent eb9a12b2
......@@ -103,7 +103,6 @@ Specifically, FieldConvert has these additional functionalities
\item \inltt{interppointdatatofld}: Interpolates given discrete data using a finite difference approximation to a fld file given an xml file;
\item \inltt{interppoints}: Interpolates a set of points to another, requires fromfld and fromxml to be defined, a line or plane of points can be defined;
\item \inltt{isocontour}: Extract an isocontour of ``fieldid'' variable and at value ``fieldvalue''. Optionally ``fieldstr'' can be specified for a string defiition or ``smooth'' for smoothing;
\item \inltt{isocontourutil}: Process isocontour with different utilities such as smoothing;
\item \inltt{scaleinputfld}: Rescale input field by a constant factor.
\item \inltt{vorticity}: Computes the vorticity field.
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