Commit 73bc8644 authored by Jeremy Cohen's avatar Jeremy Cohen
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Updated MPI path fix for Windows

parent 8f5d79b1
......@@ -30,9 +30,11 @@ IF( NEKTAR_USE_MPI )
# If we're using WIN32, mpiexec is likely to be in a directory with
# a space in the path so we need to quote the path so that it is run
# correctly by the Tester...
# Update based on MPIEXEC_EXECUTABLE so that we don't get extra quotes
# added every time CMake is run!
MESSAGE(STATUS "Found MPI Executable: ${MPIEXEC}")
IF (WIN32)
SET(MPIEXEC "\\\"${MPIEXEC}\\\"" CACHE STRING "MPI job launching command")
SET(MPIEXEC "\\\"${MPIEXEC_EXECUTABLE}\\\"" CACHE STRING "MPI job launching command")
MESSAGE(STATUS "Updated MPIEXEC for Win32 platform: ${MPIEXEC}")
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