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Add a little doxygen

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......@@ -82,7 +82,18 @@ unsigned int Mesh::GetNumEntities()
* @brief Convert this mesh into a high-order mesh.
* @brief Convert this mesh into a mesh of uniform polynomial order @p order
* with a curve point distribution @p distType.
* This routine adds curvature points into a mesh so that the resulting elements
* are all of a uniform order @p order and all high-order vertices are
* consistently ordered. It proceeds in a bottom-up fashion:
* - First construct all edge, face and elemental geometry mappings.
* - Then call the local MakeOrder functions on each edge, face and element of
* dimension Mesh::m_expDim.
* - Finally, any boundary elements are updated so that they have the same
* interior degrees of freedom as their corresponding edge or face links.
void Mesh::MakeOrder(int order,
LibUtilities::PointsType distType)
......@@ -119,6 +130,10 @@ void Mesh::MakeOrder(int order,
pTypes[LibUtilities::eTetrahedron] = LibUtilities::eNodalTetElec;
pTypes[LibUtilities::eHexahedron] = LibUtilities::eGaussLobattoLegendre;
ASSERTL1(false, "Mesh::MakeOrder does not support this points type.");
// Begin by generating Nektar++ geometry objects for edges, faces and
// elements so that we don't affect any neighbouring elements in the mesh as
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