Commit 7cd44dcb authored by Vidhi Zala's avatar Vidhi Zala
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Modified to reflect merge request ID and description

parent af984202
......@@ -19,6 +19,8 @@ v5.0.0
- Remove unused files from BasicUtils (!841)
- Remove checks for old boost versions which are no longer supported (!841)
- Refactor ParseUtils to be more consistent (!843)
- Fixed typo in eIMEXGear part (!854)
- Added regression tests for IMEXOrder1, IMEXOrder2, IMEXOrder3, MCNAB, IMEXGear, CNAB, 2nd order IMEX-DIRK, 3rd order IMEX-DIRK (!854)
- Add feature to read basic 2D geo files as CAD (!731)
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