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Add missing gradient module short description

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......@@ -162,6 +162,7 @@ possibly also Reynolds stresses) into single file;
\item \inltt{concatenate}: Concatenate a \nekpp binary output (.chk or .fld) field file into single file (deprecated);
\item \inltt{equispacedoutput}: Write data as equi-spaced output using simplices to represent the data for connecting points;
\item \inltt{extract}: Extract a boundary field;
\item \inltt{gradient}: Computes gradient of fields;
\item \inltt{homplane}: Extract a plane from 3DH1D expansions;
\item \inltt{homstretch}: Stretch a 3DH1D expansion by an integer factor;
\item \inltt{innerproduct}: take the inner product between one or a series of fields with another field (or series of fields).
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