Commit 88f4b46b authored by Chris Cantwell's avatar Chris Cantwell
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Added EXPORT to sessionreader static member functions.

parent 326ca7bf
......@@ -448,13 +448,13 @@ namespace Nektar
/// bcs.
BndRegionOrdering m_bndRegOrder;
/// String to enumeration map for Solver Info parameters.
static EnumMapList& GetSolverInfoEnums();
LIB_UTILITIES_EXPORT static EnumMapList& GetSolverInfoEnums();
/// Default solver info options.
static SolverInfoMap& GetSolverInfoDefaults();
LIB_UTILITIES_EXPORT static SolverInfoMap& GetSolverInfoDefaults();
/// GlobalSysSoln Info map.
static GloSysSolnInfoList& GetGloSysSolnList();
LIB_UTILITIES_EXPORT static GloSysSolnInfoList& GetGloSysSolnList();
/// CmdLine argument map.
static CmdLineArgMap& GetCmdLineArgMap();
LIB_UTILITIES_EXPORT static CmdLineArgMap& GetCmdLineArgMap();
/// Main constructor
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