Commit 93787400 authored by Sergey Yakovlev's avatar Sergey Yakovlev
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Fixed error in weak derivative computation in HexExp::CreateMatrix

git-svn-id: 305cdda6-5ce1-45b3-a98d-dfc68c8b3305
parent fba90cb5
......@@ -2071,17 +2071,21 @@ namespace Nektar
mkey.GetExpansionType(), *this);
MatrixKey deriv1key(StdRegions::eWeakDeriv1,
mkey.GetExpansionType(), *this);
MatrixKey deriv2key(StdRegions::eWeakDeriv2,
mkey.GetExpansionType(), *this);
DNekMat &deriv0 = *GetStdMatrix(deriv0key);
DNekMat &deriv1 = *GetStdMatrix(deriv1key);
DNekMat &deriv2 = *GetStdMatrix(deriv2key);
int rows = deriv0.GetRows();
int cols = deriv1.GetColumns();
DNekMatSharedPtr WeakDeriv = MemoryManager<DNekMat>
(*WeakDeriv) = gmat[2*dir][0]*deriv0
+ gmat[2*dir+1][0]*deriv1;
(*WeakDeriv) = gmat[3*dir][0]*deriv0
+ gmat[3*dir+1][0]*deriv1
+ gmat[3*dir+2][0]*deriv2;
returnval = MemoryManager<DNekScalMat>
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