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Added regression test for Euler 1D

parent 24f1d307
......@@ -34,6 +34,7 @@ IF( NEKTAR_SOLVER_COMPRESSIBLE_FLOW )
ADD_NEKTAR_TEST (CylinderSubsonicMix)
ADD_NEKTAR_TEST (CylinderSubsonic_P3)
ADD_NEKTAR_TEST (IsentropicVortex16_P3)
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<description>Euler 1D P=3, WeakDG, MODIFIED</description>
<file description="Session File">Euler1D.xml</file>
<metric type="L2" id="1">
<value variable="rho" tolerance="1e-12">1.98838e-06</value>
<value variable="rhou" tolerance="1e-12">0.00067684</value>
<value variable="E" tolerance="1e-12">0.575708</value>
<metric type="Linf" id="2">
<value variable="rho" tolerance="1e-12">1.98524e-05</value>
<value variable="rhou" tolerance="1e-12">0.00675771</value>
<value variable="E" tolerance="1e-12">5.74799</value>
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<V ID="0"> 0.000e+00 0.000e+00 0.000e+00</V>
<V ID="1"> 0.020e+00 0.000e+00 0.000e+00</V>
<V ID="2"> 0.040e+00 0.000e+00 0.000e+00</V>
<V ID="3"> 0.060e+00 0.000e+00 0.000e+00</V>
<V ID="4"> 0.080e+00 0.000e+00 0.000e+00</V>
<V ID="5"> 0.100e+00 0.000e+00 0.000e+00</V>
<V ID="6"> 0.120e+00 0.000e+00 0.000e+00</V>
<V ID="7"> 0.140e+00 0.000e+00 0.000e+00</V>
<V ID="8"> 0.160e+00 0.000e+00 0.000e+00</V>
<V ID="9"> 0.180e+00 0.000e+00 0.000e+00</V>
<V ID="10"> 0.200e+00 0.000e+00 0.000e+00</V>
<V ID="11"> 0.220e+00 0.000e+00 0.000e+00</V>
<V ID="12"> 0.240e+00 0.000e+00 0.000e+00</V>
<V ID="13"> 0.260e+00 0.000e+00 0.000e+00</V>
<V ID="14"> 0.280e+00 0.000e+00 0.000e+00</V>
<V ID="15"> 0.300e+00 0.000e+00 0.000e+00</V>
<V ID="16"> 0.320e+00 0.000e+00 0.000e+00</V>
<V ID="17"> 0.340e+00 0.000e+00 0.000e+00</V>
<V ID="18"> 0.360e+00 0.000e+00 0.000e+00</V>
<V ID="19"> 0.380e+00 0.000e+00 0.000e+00</V>
<V ID="20"> 0.400e+00 0.000e+00 0.000e+00</V>
<S ID="0"> 0 1 </S>
<S ID="1"> 1 2 </S>
<S ID="2"> 2 3 </S>
<S ID="3"> 3 4 </S>
<S ID="4"> 4 5 </S>
<S ID="5"> 5 6 </S>
<S ID="6"> 6 7 </S>
<S ID="7"> 7 8 </S>
<S ID="8"> 8 9 </S>
<S ID="9"> 9 10 </S>
<S ID="10"> 10 11 </S>
<S ID="11"> 11 12 </S>
<S ID="12"> 12 13 </S>
<S ID="13"> 13 14 </S>
<S ID="14"> 14 15 </S>
<S ID="15"> 15 16 </S>
<S ID="16"> 16 17 </S>
<S ID="17"> 17 18 </S>
<S ID="18"> 18 19 </S>
<S ID="19"> 19 20 </S>
<C ID="0"> S[0-19] </C>
<C ID="1"> V[0] </C>
<C ID="2"> V[20] </C>
<D ID="0"> C[0] </D>
<P> TimeStep = 1e-6 </P>
<P> FinTime = 40e-6 </P>
<P> NumSteps = FinTime/TimeStep </P>
<P> IO_CheckSteps = 100 </P>
<P> IO_InfoSteps = 10 </P>
<P> Gamma = 1.4 </P>
<P> pInf = 101325 </P>
<P> rhoInf = 1.225 </P>
<P> u0 = 0.1 </P>
<P> uInf = u0 </P>
<P> uInfL = u0 + 0.01 </P>
<P> uInfR = u0 </P>
<I PROPERTY="Projection" VALUE="DisContinuous" />
<I PROPERTY="AdvectionType" VALUE="WeakDG" />
<I PROPERTY="DiffusionType" VALUE="LDGNS" />
<I PROPERTY="TimeIntegrationMethod" VALUE="ClassicalRungeKutta4" />
<I PROPERTY="UpwindType" VALUE="ExactToro"/>
<I PROPERTY="ProblemType" VALUE="General"/>
<I PROPERTY="ViscosityType" VALUE="Constant"/>
<V ID="0"> rho </V>
<V ID="1"> rhou </V>
<V ID="2"> E </V>
<B ID="0"> C[1] </B>
<B ID="1"> C[2] </B>
<D VAR="rho" VALUE="rhoInf" />
<D VAR="rhou" VALUE="rhoInf*uInfL" />
<D VAR="E" VALUE="pInf/(Gamma-1)+0.5*rhoInf*(uInfL*uInfL)" />
<D VAR="rho" VALUE="rhoInf" />
<D VAR="rhou" VALUE="rhoInf*uInfR" />
<D VAR="E" VALUE="pInf/(Gamma-1)+0.5*rhoInf*(uInfR*uInfR)" />
<FUNCTION NAME="InitialConditions">
<E VAR="rho" DOMAIN="0" VALUE="rhoInf" />
<E VAR="rhou" DOMAIN="0" VALUE="rhoInf*u0" />
<E VAR="E" DOMAIN="0" VALUE="pInf/(Gamma-1)+0.5*rhoInf*(u0*u0)" />
<FUNCTION NAME="ExactSolution">
<E VAR="rho" DOMAIN="0" VALUE="rhoInf" />
<E VAR="rhou" DOMAIN="0" VALUE="rhoInf*uInf" />
<E VAR="E" DOMAIN="0" VALUE="pInf/(Gamma-1)+0.5*rhoInf*(uInf*uInf)" />
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