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Fix/cpc review

This MR adds modifications to the code as requested by the CPC paper review.

See merge request !422
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# Ignore builds and ThirdParty directories
# Ignore .DS_Store sometimes created by OS X.
Nektar++ is an open-source software framework designed to support the
development of high-performance scalable solvers for partial differential
equations (PDEs) using the spectral/hp element method.
This package consists of a set of libraries (the framework) and a number of
pre-written PDE solvers for a selection of application domains.
The software and User Guide is available for download from
User Guide
Detailed information on compiling, installing and using the software is
available in the User Guide. This document is available as a pre-compiled PDF
from the downloads section of the project website.
Nektar++ requires the following software to be installed on the users system:
- CMake
Additional software is also required. This can either be installed system-wide
or it can be downloaded and compiled automatically during the build process.
For more detailed information, please see the User Guide.
On most UNIX-based systems a default compilation can be performed using the
following commands from the top-level of the source tree:
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
To alter the build configuration (for example, to enable parallel execution
support) we recommend using the `ccmake` command instead of `cmake`.
For more detailed operating-system specific instructions, please see the
User Guide.
The default installation location is in a `dist` subdirectory of the `build`
directory. This can be changed by setting the `CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX` option
using `ccmake`. To install the compiled libraries, solvers and header files, on
UNIX-based systems run:
make install
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