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Missing tst file

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<description> Interp field to a box of points (also calculate cp and cp0)</description>
<parameters>-e -m interpfield:fromxml=interptest.xml:fromfld=interptest.fld interptest.xml new.fld </parameters>
<file description="Session File">interptest.xml</file>
<file description="Session File">interptest.fld</file>
<metric type="L2" id="1">
<value variable="u" tolerance="1e-6">0.0254815</value>
<value variable="v" tolerance="1e-6">0.00331392</value>
<value variable="p" tolerance="1e-6">0.00229271</value>
<metric type="Linf" id="2">
<value variable="u" tolerance="1e-6">0.784991</value>
<value variable="v" tolerance="1e-6">0.390773</value>
<value variable="p" tolerance="1e-6">0.0871031</value>
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