Commit bff54bcf authored by Chris Cantwell's avatar Chris Cantwell
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Merge branch 'fix/Error-npz' into 'master'

Add checks to make sure npz is consistent with HomModesZ

This MR just introduces a couple of ASSERTL0 to make sure the partitioning in z for homogeneous simulations leads to an even number of planes per process.

See merge request !666
parents a7be0580 76af2e19
......@@ -71,6 +71,21 @@ namespace Nektar
m_comm->GetColumnComm()->GetColumnComm() :
ASSERTL0( m_homogeneousBasis->GetNumPoints() %
m_StripZcomm->GetSize() == 0,
"HomModesZ should be a multiple of npz.");
if ( (m_homogeneousBasis->GetBasisType() !=
&& (m_homogeneousBasis->GetBasisType() !=
LibUtilities::eFourierHalfModeIm) )
(m_homogeneousBasis->GetNumPoints() /
m_StripZcomm->GetSize()) % 2 == 0,
"HomModesZ/npz should be an even integer.");
m_transposition = MemoryManager<LibUtilities::Transposition>
::AllocateSharedPtr(HomoBasis, m_comm, m_StripZcomm);
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