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......@@ -233,7 +233,7 @@ parallel execution\\
GSMPI & & & & \cmark & For
parallel execution\\
HDF5 & & \cmark & \cmark & \cmark & For
large-scale parallel I/O\\
large-scale parallel I/O (requires CMake >3.1)\\
PETSc & & \texttt{petsc} & \cmark & \cmark &
Alternative linear solvers\\
Scotch & & \texttt{scotch} & \cmark & \cmark &
......@@ -573,7 +573,8 @@ can be selected using the following options:
parallel file format, which can be very efficient for large numbers of
processes. HDF5 output can be enabled by using a command-line option or
in the \inlsh{SOLVERINFO} section of the XML file. This option requires
that \nekpp be built with MPI support with \inlsh{NEKTAR\_USE\_MPI} enabled.
that \nekpp be built with MPI support with \inlsh{NEKTAR\_USE\_MPI} enabled
and that HDF5 is compiled with MPI support.
\item \inlsh{NEKTAR\_USE\_MKL}
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