Commit cdcb46c1 authored by Douglas Serson's avatar Douglas Serson
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Merge branch 'fix/polylib_memleak' into 'master'

fix a few memory leaks in polylib

See merge request !863
parents 5d3d42dd fcd0d942
......@@ -98,6 +98,7 @@ v4.4.2
- Fix evaluation of points (e.g. HistoryPoints, Interpolation to pts) close to
the interface of two elements (!836)
- Fix deadlock in Hdf5 with homogeneous expansions (!858)
- Fix a few memory leaks in polylib (!863)
- Fix a crash when Interpolator is called on an empty field (!869)
- Fix petsc compile without MPI (!873)
- Fix uninitialised coefficients in DirectFull solver (!898)
......@@ -145,6 +146,7 @@ v4.4.1
IMEXGear, CNAB, 2nd order IMEX-DIRK, 3rd order IMEX-DIRK (!854)
- Fix bug due to subtractive cancellation in polylib routines (!778)
- Fix issue with field ordering in the interppointdatatofld module (!754)
- Fix issue with FieldConvert when range flag used (!761)
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