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Addition of BOOST_HOME environment variable under Windows

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......@@ -402,7 +402,14 @@ ModMETIS & \cmark & \cmark & \cmark & \\
\item Rename \texttt{libs-msvc12.0} to \texttt{lib}
\item Inside the \texttt{lib} directory, create duplicates of
\texttt{boost\_zlib.dll} and \texttt{boost\_bzip2.dll} called
\texttt{zlib.dll} and \texttt{libbz2.dll}.
\texttt{zlib.dll} and \texttt{libbz2.dll}
\item Add a \inlsh{BOOST\_HOME} environment variable. To do so,
navigate to \emph{Control Panel > System and Security > System}, select
\emph{Advanced System Settings}, and in the \emph{Advanced} tab click the
\emph{Environment Variables}. In the \emph{System Variables} box, click
\emph{New}. In the \emph{New System Variable} window, type \inlsh{BOOST\_HOME}
next to \emph{Variable name} and \inlsh{C:\textbackslash local\textbackslash
boost\_1\_57\_0} next to\emph{Variable value}.
\item Unpack \inlsh{nektar++-\nekver.tar.gz} using WinRAR.
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