Commit dcf08de8 authored by Dave Moxey's avatar Dave Moxey

Merge branch 'fix/3D_GLL_SEM' of /opt/gitlab/repositories/nektar

parents ddb18ab7 ae281eeb
......@@ -1031,6 +1031,7 @@ namespace Nektar
// Obtain the number of modes for the element basis key in this
// direction.
int nummodes = (int) expansion->m_basisKeyVector[dir].GetNumModes();
int numpoints = (int) expansion->m_basisKeyVector[dir].GetNumPoints();
......@@ -1073,7 +1074,7 @@ namespace Nektar
const LibUtilities::PointsKey pkey(nummodes+1,LibUtilities::eGaussLobattoLegendre);
const LibUtilities::PointsKey pkey(numpoints,LibUtilities::eGaussLobattoLegendre);
return LibUtilities::BasisKey(LibUtilities::eGLL_Lagrange,nummodes,pkey);
else if(triangle)
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