Commit edb181c3 authored by Gianmarco Mengaldo's avatar Gianmarco Mengaldo
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Fixing Windows compilation issue.

git-svn-id: 305cdda6-5ce1-45b3-a98d-dfc68c8b3305
parent 28d6cc2d
......@@ -739,7 +739,7 @@ namespace Nektar
Array<TwoD, const NekDouble> gmat;
Array<OneD, const NekDouble> jac;
Array<OneD, Array<OneD, StdRegions::StdExpansionSharedPtr> >
const Array<OneD, const Array<OneD, StdRegions::StdExpansionSharedPtr> >
&elmtToTrace = fields[0]->GetTraceMap()->GetElmtToTrace();
Array<OneD, LibUtilities::BasisSharedPtr> base;
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