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use test

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......@@ -149,6 +149,6 @@ IF(NEKTAR_USE_MESHGEN)
ADD_NEKTAR_TEST (MeshGen/sphere)
ADD_NEKTAR_TEST (MeshGen/2d-cad)
ADD_NEKTAR_TEST (MeshGen/2d-naca)
# varopti tests
ADD_NEKTAR_TEST_LENGTHY (MeshGen/varopti_cubesphere)
<I PROPERTY="CADFile" VALUE="sphere.STEP" />
<I PROPERTY="MeshType" VALUE="3D" />
<P PARAM="MinDelta" VALUE="0.01" />
<P PARAM="MaxDelta" VALUE="0.2" />
<P PARAM="EPS" VALUE="0.01" />
<P PARAM="Order" VALUE="4" />
<P VALUE="SurfaceOptimiser" />
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<description>NACA wing with BL</description>
<parameters>-m jac:list rev.mcf rev.xml:xml:test</parameters>
<file description="Input File">rev.mcf</file>
<file description="Input File 2">rev-rotated_cf.stp</file>
<metric type="regex" id="1">
<regex>^Total negative Jacobians: (\d+)</regex>
<field id="0">0</field>
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