Commit f882c192 authored by David Moxey's avatar David Moxey
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Fix multi-level static condensation bug with preconditioner

parent 4b73bf2f
...@@ -238,8 +238,22 @@ namespace Nektar ...@@ -238,8 +238,22 @@ namespace Nektar
bool doGlobalOp = m_expList.lock()->GetGlobalOptParam()-> bool doGlobalOp = m_expList.lock()->GetGlobalOptParam()->
DoGlobalMatOp(m_linSysKey.GetMatrixType()); DoGlobalMatOp(m_linSysKey.GetMatrixType());
// Set up unique map
v_UniqueMap(); v_UniqueMap();
// Build precon again if we in multi-level static condensation (a
// bit of a hack)
if (m_linSysKey.GetGlobalSysSolnType()==eIterativeMultiLevelStaticCond)
MultiRegions::PreconditionerType pType
= m_locToGloMap->GetPreconType();
std::string PreconType
= MultiRegions::PreconditionerTypeMap[pType];
m_precon = GetPreconFactory().CreateInstance(
if (!doGlobalOp) if (!doGlobalOp)
{ {
PrepareLocalSchurComplement(); PrepareLocalSchurComplement();
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