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Contributing to Nektar++
## Contents
This is a reasonably complete guide to help if you're interested in contributing
to Nektar++, either in reporting bugs or, hopefully, trying to fix them! It's
split up into a number of sections:
- [Issues and bug reports](#issues-and-bug-reports)
- [How to contribute](#how-to-contribute)
- [Submission checklist](#submission-checklist)
- [Git cheatsheet](#git-cheatsheet)
- [Testing and Buildbot](#testing-and-buildbot)
- [Documentation](#documentation)
- [Formatting guidelines](#formatting-guidelines)
## Issues and bug reports
Think you've found a bug or issue with Nektar++? We're very keen to hear about
......@@ -78,7 +91,7 @@ This gives you four commands:
If you prefer a graphical interface to see the files that have changed in your
commit, you can additionally use the `git gui` command to bring up a simple
interface. `git difftool` can also be used in combination with a GUI diff
viewer, to graphically view the output `git diff`.
viewer, to graphically view the output of `git diff`.
## Testing and Buildbot
Your new features or fixes should include tests that cover the code you've
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but don't use trailing inline comments to save the 80 character limit!
- All code blocks (even one-line blocks) should use braces, and braces should be
on new lines; for instance
if (someCondition)
- **Don't use preprocessor directives and macros unless there is no viable
- However, please make sure you do have a header guard inside your `.h` files,
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