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      Merge branch 'feature/mc-hex-bl' into 'master' · b86b5337
      Chris Cantwell authored
      Various MeshConvert additions
      This MR adds various features and corrects quite a few bugs present in `MeshConvert`:
      - Ability to split hexahedra in the boundary layer refinement module.
      - New module to add curvature defined by a scalar function z=f(x,y).
      - Improved Gmsh support for high-order elements.
      - A small test suite of relevant examples which we can build on later.
      - Many fixes relating to face-interior curvature.
      - All `MeshConvert` elements are now orientated exactly in the same manner as their Nektar++ counterparts. (This will allow for some speed improvements in a future branch.)
      - Lots of small bugs in `InputNek` relating to high-order curvature.
      See merge request !401
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      Add missing text to documentation. · 5d3ac263
      Dave Moxey authored
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      Merge branch 'fix/cmake-3.0.2-warning' into 'master' · e6dd7e22
      Chris Cantwell authored
      Fix CMake 3.0.2 warning
      This MR fixes a CMP0022 policy warning that appears in CMake 3.0.2, arising from a difference in the `INTERFACE_LINK_LIBRARIES` and `LINK_INTERFACE_LIBRARIES_DEBUG` properties that happens when debug/optimized versions of a library are specified in `TARGET_LINK_LIBRARIES`.
      See merge request !415
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      Merge branch 'feature/hdg-block-precon' into 'master' · eab277eb
      Chris Cantwell authored
      Add block preconditioner for HDG
      This MR adds a block preconditioner for the HDG system, based on the inverse of each HDG face block, which reduces iteration counts significantly for hybrid 3D elements in comparison to the usual Jacobi preconditioner. 2/3D and parallel execution is supported. Documentation has also been added to the developer guide, based on what is presently in the Nektar++ wiki.
      Note that there are no tests as part of this branch, since there is no real testing framework for the preconditioners at all. Hopefully this will be added later!
      See merge request !397
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      Merge branch 'fix/icc-dynamic-again' into 'master' · 47714371
      Chris Cantwell authored
      Another fix for ICC
      This MR follows on from !414 to fix the same issue in the VWI solver.
      See merge request !416
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