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      Fix Tester update for Windows. · e4c0b5c6
      Chris Cantwell authored
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      Merge branch 'fix/OutputInfo' into 'master' · d0373bd6
      Dave Moxey authored
      Fix FieldConvert processing of partitions in serial
      This MR makes two changes related to using FieldConvert on individual partitions in serial:
      - Fix the call to PartitionMesh inside OutputInfo. This was previously using `PartitionMesh(false)`, when the first parameter should be the number of partitions.
      - Force FieldConvert to use the `forceoutput` option when using `procid`. If this was not done, whenever `procid != 0` the output would be automatically skipped. 
      See merge request !612
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      Update CHANGELOG · 338f5300
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      Merge branch 'fix/MultiLevel-periodic' into 'master' · aa175afd
      Dave Moxey authored
      Fix MultiLevelStaticCond with periodic BCs
      This should fix issue #21, regarding the use of MultiLevelStaticCond with periodic boundary conditions in parallel. Basically, this involves forcing all periodic boundary conditions to be on the last level of the static cond. I expected doing this only for the dofs connected to other partitions would be enough, but apparently it is not since it leads to a segfault in one of the cases I tested.
      See merge request !614
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      Update CHANGELOG · 4a0df219
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      Update CHANGELOG · f85dc799
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