1. 10 Oct, 2016 2 commits
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  6. 02 Aug, 2016 5 commits
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      Added missing files of new operators · 9e652822
      Spencer Sherwin authored
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      Update for projection method · 446ce599
      Spencer Sherwin authored
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      Merge branch 'fix/extract-data-performance' into 'master' · 5736fc1f
      Douglas Serson authored
      Performance fix for ExtractDataToCoeffs
      This MR fixes a significant performance issue in `ExpList::v_ExtractDataToCoeffs` when post-processing large simulations. This function is called once for each field definition that is present in the input file.  Presently, this function constructs a `std::map` from geometry IDs to their location inside `m_exp`. When post-processing large simulations, where there is generally one field definition per processor in the input file, this function therefore consumes a huge amount of extraneous CPU time.
      This has been fixed by adding a new member variable to hold a `boost::unordered_map` which is significantly faster in lookup and population speeds. This is populated on the first call of `v_ExtractDataToCoeffs`. Runtime of the FieldConvert InputFld module for a 700k tet mesh reduced from ~520s to ~6s.
      See merge request !672
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      Merge branch 'fix/insert_surface' into 'master' · 82e20508
      Dave Moxey authored
      fix insert surface
      Extremely minor fix to a merge from last week
      See merge request !673
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      fix insert surface · f347fcd2
      Michael Turner authored
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  10. 28 Jul, 2016 1 commit
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      Merge branch 'feature/APE-contBF' into 'master' · d92e034c
      Dave Moxey authored
      APE: Fix basefield handling
      This MR introduces a continuous expansion for the APESolvers basefields. 
      This fixes a bug where interpolated fields  cause the solver to diverge because currently, only discontinuities of the perturbation fields are handled in the rieman solvers.  Forcing the basefield to be continuous evades this problem, enables smoothing (in a future MR) and increases the overall stability.
      This also means we have to go back to the constant c formulation which should not cause any issues since the old implementation was quite unstable anyway.
      This also adds the ability to compute the CFL number to the APESolver and  adds the sourceterm to the fields written to fld files.
      See merge request !664