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      Merge branch 'feature/substepping' into 'master' · b720cadb
      Chris Cantwell authored
      Introduction of a working version of a substepping version of the Incompressible Navier Stokes solver. 
      See merge request !553
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    • Spencer Sherwin's avatar
      Merge branch 'feature/skip-blank-xml' into 'master' · 7176bc05
      Spencer Sherwin authored
      Issue warning and ignore empty XML tags
      This MR modifies the session reader logic to ignore empty XML tags which would otherwise replace non-empty tags. This prevents, for example, the empty CONDITIONS section generated by NekMesh from displacing the user-provided conditions if the user condition file is supplied before the mesh file on the command-line.
      @ssherw: This has been tested locally and everything passed. Just running through buildbot now.
      See merge request !581
    • Dave Moxey's avatar
      Merge branch 'feature/tutorial-tests-updates' into 'master' · f4253c1d
      Dave Moxey authored
      Tester updates for testing tutorials
      The MR adds an option to the Tester code to allow the executable specified in the .tst file to be overridden on the command-line. This is to allow the use of executables which lie elsewhere in the build tree, not just in the directory containing the Tests directory.
      It also fixes support for input files to be located in a different directory to the test file itself. It would previously fail if the list of dependent files included a relative path to a file in a different directory.
      Finally, there are also a couple of tweaks to the submodule so git ignores it when things have changed.
      See merge request !580
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      Merge branch 'feature/osx-pkg' into 'master' · 6fc61ea3
      Chris Cantwell authored
      Add OS X packaging for binaries
      This MR adds packaging for OS X.
      See merge request !544