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      Merge branch 'feature/bl_upgrade' into 'master' · b5474726
      Dave Moxey authored
      Feature/boundary layer generation upgrade
      This branch brings the first update to the Nekmesh mesh generation system.
      The primary new feature is a complete overhaul of the boundary layer generation capability meaning boundary layers can be generated on much more complicated CAD than the convex only requirements of the old system.
      It also adds new documentation to Nektar describing how to operate the mesh generator.
      There is a modification to the nodal triangles in the reference elements to make the orderings consistent with what people believed nektar used. This will break some peoples meshes if they use NodalTriFekete or NodalTriElec curve face tags.
      Regression tests have been added for the mesh generation.
      + Boundary layer upgrade
      + Nodal triangle edit
      + Regression tests
      + Finish docs
      See merge request !576
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      douglas comments · 2b85bb06
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      Merge branch 'feature/FilterFieldConvert' into 'master' · ff501d05
      Dave Moxey authored
      This MR will introduce a new filter, which will be able to run modules from FieldConvert on a checkpoint. This filter replaces FilterSampler, and therefore the new functionalities will extend to other filters derived from it (AverageFields, ReynoldsStresses). An example of the setup for that would be:
      ``` xml
      <FILTER TYPE="FieldConvert">
          <PARAM NAME="OutputFile"> filename.vtu </PARAM>
          <PARAM NAME="OutputFrequency"> 100 </PARAM>
          <PARAM NAME="Modules"> vorticity homplane:planeid=4 </PARAM>
      It is unlikely that all options and modules will be supported. However, the main idea is to use this with modules that result in outputs with reduced size (e.g. isocontour, meanmode for 3DH1D). This way we can obtain these outputs more frequently than would be practical by storing the full checkpoint and running FieldConvert later.
      I don't know how far I am from finishing this (some cases already work, but I still need to test it further). Anyway, it would be nice to have some feedback on it, especially regarding the compilation and general structure of the code, since I had to create a new FieldConvert library and move some files around.
      See merge request !589
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