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      Merge branch 'fix/IterML-tolerance' into 'master' · c7c552ec
      Dave Moxey authored
      Fix IterativeMultiLevelStaticCond tolerance
      Related to issue #15. This makes the default definition of `m_rhs_magnitude` in the iterative solver use the function `Set_Rhs_Magnitude`.
      This way IterativeMultiLevelStaticCond works a lot better, at least for a 2D test I used. It would be nice if someone could test it in a larger 3D case.
      The problem I noticed with MultiLevel is that `GlobalLinSysIterativeStaticCond::v_PreSolve` is treating level 0 as the last level (this is not true), and calling `Set_Rhs_Magnitude` there. I tried fixing this, but then there is a communication issue, since the last level is not the same in all processes.
      A couple of other things that could be changed, but I did not to prevent affecting the current implementation of IterativeStaticCond:
      - For consistency, remove the call to `Set_Rhs_Magnitude` from `v_PreSolve` and always call it in `DoConjugateGradient`. The difference would be between normalizing the residual by the rhs on the original system (as we do now for single-level) vs always normalizing by the rhs of the (condensed) system we are solving. 
      - Maybe we should use `Vmath::Dot2` instead of `Vmath::Dot` in `Set_Rhs_Magnitude`?
      See merge request !560
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      Merge branch 'feature/contribution-guide' into 'master' · aee93dcb
      Dave Moxey authored
      Add contribution guide, clang-format file and update gitignore
      This MR adds a contribution guide, `.clang-format` file to aide in automatic code formatting and a small update to `.gitignore` to track changes to `.clang-format`.
      See merge request !551
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      Add some git commands · fb7a011b
      Dave Moxey authored
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      Merge branch 'fix/fld-parallel' into 'master' · 0acdf380
      Spencer Sherwin authored
      Fix field output issues on ARCHER/shared filesystem
      This MR fixes parallel `.fld` output for some shared filesystem. The present strategy is that every processor attempts to remove the entire directory or create one if it does not exist. On ARCHER this is causing filesystem errors to be thrown past a certain number of cores (around 2,000). This MR fixes this by adopting a different strategy:
      **Removing existing files:**
      - If `--shared-filesystem` is not enabled, proceed as normal, so as not to break distributed output (e.g. on cx1)
      - Otherwise, each process will try to delete a file named `output.fld/P<rank>.fld`.
      - The root process will then clean up any other files and remove the directory (or serial `.fld` file).
      **Creating a directory**
      - If `--shared-filesystem` is not enabled, proceed as normal, so as not to break distributed output (e.g. on cx1)
      - Otherwise, the rank 0 process will create the directory.
      Additional `m_comm->Block()` calls have been added to synchronise where necessary, although this might be optimised a bit.
      See merge request !549
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      Modify contentious statement · 7162d65a
      Dave Moxey authored
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      Merge branch 'feature/FieldConvertHomogeneousPlane' into 'master' · 7a167518
      Dave Moxey authored
      Feature/field convert homogeneous plane
      This MR creates a module to FieldConvert that extracts one of the planes of a 3DH1D expansion (with the option of getting it in wavespace). This way we can easily obtain slices along the z-direction.
      The meanmode module is also modified to use this new module, avoiding duplicate code.
      See merge request !542
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      Merge branch 'feature/petsc-matshell' into 'master' · a68e45c2
      Chris Cantwell authored
      Add MatShell functionality to PETSc wrapper
      This MR extends the PETSc global linear system classes to use MatShell and PCShell objects to wrap Nektar++ matrix-vector multiplication and preconditioners respectively. This therefore allows us to use PETSc's KSP objects, giving access to a wide range of iterative solvers, without explicitly constructing a PETSc sparse matrix.
      Other minor additions:
      - Generally improve documentation and formatting of the PETSc code
      - Adds support for a Neumann boundary condition to linear elastic solver
      - Updates PETSc cmake files to latest version
      See merge request !537
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      Fix typos in user guide. · fcd4134b
      Chris Cantwell authored
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      Fix formatting · b4bdf2b3
      Dave Moxey authored
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