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      Merge branch 'fix/petsc-finalize' into 'master' · fa4ca62a
      Spencer Sherwin authored
      Fix/petsc finalize
      This MR fixes the issue on latest OpenMPI (as found on Fedora 21) which produces errors when using MPI that MPI_Attr_get() function is called after MPI_Finalize(). This is because we were previously not calling PetscFinalize(). The PetscInitialize and PetscFinalize calls have been moved to CommMpi to ensure they are called at the right time and in the right order.
      Dave should probably review this, since he implemented the PETSc stuff.
      See merge request !456
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      Merge branch 'fix/cardiac-cell-restart' into 'master' · a9cf3ea2
      Chris Cantwell authored
      Fix/cardiac cell restart
      This MR fixes a bug which prevented cell model restart files generated in parallel from being imported correctly. It also optimises the loading of cell model restart files so each file is only read once, rather than once per variable.
      See merge request !450
    • Kilian Lackhove's avatar
      fix MKL find module · fd0182b8
      Kilian Lackhove authored
      * check the $MKLROOT env variable in addition to $MKL_HOME
      * dont use relative paths to find the libdir. this breaks when $MKLROOT is a symlink
      * the architecture dependent subdirs are called intel64 and ia32 on most systems
      * mark the variables as advanced
  10. 26 Mar, 2015 1 commit
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      Merge branch 'fix/curved-tets' into 'master' · 1cb9fdb1
      Chris Cantwell authored
      Fix curved element normals
      This MR fixes some issues with curved element normals, mostly relating to the DG routine `ExpList2D::v_GetNormals`. Additionally, the routines in the 3D element expansions for curvilinear normal generation use an incorrect formulation, where the face Jacobian is not extracted properly for the purposes of projection onto the polynomial space. Both of these issues are corrected in this MR.
      See merge request !443
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