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      Merge branch 'fix/mpi-cmake' into 'master' · bf40c447
      Chris Cantwell authored
      Switch to MPI_lang_... variables
      This MR switches the CMake configuration to use `MPI_<lang>_...` variables instead of the existing `MPI_...` variables. Currently Nektar++ uses `MPI_LIBRARY` and `MPI_EXTRA_LIBRARY`, which have been deprecated for some time. In recent versions of CMake, at least on OS X, `MPI_EXTRA_LIBRARY` is no longer set, meaning that Nektar++ fails to configure if MPI is enabled. A similar fix has also been applied to gsmpi which has the same issue.
      See merge request !725
  15. 03 Mar, 2017 3 commits
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      Merge branch 'fix/FileFunctionReading' into 'master' · 38003171
      Chris Cantwell authored
      Fix: Dont read the same files again for every variable
      This branch adds a check to prevent EquationSystem from reading the same fld/pts files again for each variable. This gives a huge speedup in some cases.
      I also split the EquationSystem::EvaluateFunction method into three new methods: one for expressions, one for fld files and one for pts files to make the code more readable.
      However, i think its still a mess with lots of duplicate code and even more things that would make much more sense in some other class. Even worse is that the Forcing base class holds a complete copy of this code.  I would like to move the whole Function logic from Forcing and EquationSystem into a new class that lives in SolverUtils in the future. Should we discuss that here or do you want me to write to the mailing list?
      See merge request !670
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    • Dave Moxey's avatar
      Update gsmpi to use MPI_CXX_* · a2a8e98f
      Dave Moxey authored