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Draft: Feature/tweak NekLinSysIter

BOYANG XIA requested to merge xby2233/nektar:feature/TweakNekLinSysIter into master

Issue/feature addressed

Sometimes, we don't need to solve the linear system accurately. Or maybe we just hope to do a fixed number of iterations. This usually happens when one uses an iterative solver as a smoother in multigrid. So this MR makes NekLinSysIter suitable as a smoother and also adds small tweaks to improve the performance.

Proposed solution

  • SolveSystem is general for all including non-iterative solvers. So we need a new public interface other than SolveSystem to return actual iterations and the error at the final step.
  • Let users control whether to produce errors when the system is not converged.
  • Do not waste time checking errors for every iteration, if the intention is not to solve it accurately or just hoping to do a fixed number of iterations. Let users control this behaviour.
  • The presence of map in Dot2() operation introduces branching (if-else), hindering optimizations. If we can check if the map is all one in advance, then we can remove it from Dot().
  • Change the definition of DoNekSysFixPointIte(rhs, x0, x) to DoNekSysFixPointIte(rhs, x, r). Here x holds the initial guess at input and the solution at output. r is the final residual (b-Ax). This design removes unnecessary memory copies.( x -> x0 )


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