Expansion from restart file and improved partitioning

Merged Douglas Serson requested to merge feature/ExpFromFile into master

This MR makes two changes which might be useful for simulations with variable polynomial order:

  • Allow the expansions to be loaded directly from the field definitions in a restart file (issue #14 (closed)), using:
     <F FILE="restartfile.fld" />

This is useful when using DriverAdaptive, since in that case the final distribution of polynomial orders is only available in the field file.

  • Introduce new options for load balancing in the mesh partitioning, through the solver info WEIGHTPARTITIONS. Possible values are DOF (load balanced by number of degrees of freedom in each element), BOUNDARY (load balanced by number of boundary degrees of freedom in each element) or BOTH. By default, the current behaviour of using no weights is maintained.

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