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Combining and generalising demo code

Edward Laughton requested to merge Update-StdRegions-demo into master
  • Combined all the dimensions for StdProject and StdProject_Diff demos into one universal StdProject file
  • Edited input arguments to take text instead of enum indices, for example: -s Tetrahedron -b Ortho_A Ortho_B Ortho_C -o 6 6 6 -p 7 7 7
  • Added additional argument to allow for selection of points change, for example -s Segment -b Modified_A -o 6 -p 7 -P Gauss
  • Used above to add additional test for !998 (merged) regression
  • Removed old demo files & updated CMakeLists to represent this change
  • Altered all test cases to use the new input arguments - expected result and tolerances have been unchanged
  • As above for LocProject
  • Generalised the geometry creation into a single function
Edited by Dave Moxey

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